How Women Transition was born

In the Summer of 2015, Brent Hamilton began thinking about how to help women that were approaching a turning point in their lives. Women Transition came from the kinds of questions he was asked by women that were divorced,widowed or on the cusp of a change in their business life. He decided to do something to help.

It wasn't an idea that jumped out at him like a bolt of lightning. It was more like when you've been mulling something for a while without knowing you are. And then, it appears.

The best metaphor he could find for it was how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. That change takes time. When it comes to people it takes time and community whether you are a widow, been divorced or you're a working woman moving up in the world, rejoining the workforce or launching a business.

Because of his practice as a successful Certified Financial Planner he knew many of the professionals that could build a community committed to delivering answers. Brent called in an attorney he knew and had him form a 501 C-3 Charitable organization. It took time but Women Transition is now here.

Widowed Women

Divorced Women

Working Women