The Pre-Divorce Checklist

pre divorce checklist

A Pre Divorce checklist will help you prepare for the turbulent times ahead.  In a marriage, it is not uncommon for one of the spouses to take care of all the financial activity of the family. If you are the financially non-informed spouse, it is important for you to photo copy everything. Don’t keep the […]

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Spending Planner

Spending Plan Guide for Women

Preparing for a potential transition?
Download this guide to make sure you're prepared.

Will Your Kids Still Inherit After the Divorce?

During a divorce the importance of updating estate planning documents is often overlooked. You could inadvertently disinherit your children if your ex-spouse decides to remarry. The timing is particularly crucial in the process of “disinheriting” a spouse. Disinheriting your spouse is not as easy as writing them out of your will or your trust. In […]

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